"I’ve always felt that regardless of how you feel about analytics, they are very much a thing in the NHL. I think as someone who works in this side of the industry that you have a responsibility, even if you don’t like it, to understand it, be able to use it and make it a part of your conversation. This is another way of looking at the game. That’s the thing that is so interesting to me. For so many years I’ve looked at the game in one very specific way. To me it’s exciting that there’s now a couple of different ways to look at the game, to value players and a couple of different ways to look at things like hits, shots on goals and takeaways. There’s now a different perspective on it. To me that makes hockey more exciting right now. Doing the same thing over and over again. Writing the same story talking about trying hard, grit, heart and all that stuff doesn’t it get boring after a while? Don’t you want to look at the game a different way? I understand it’s going to be harder. That there are some things you’ll have to sit there and learn. Whenever I hear people dismiss it [analytics], my first instinct is: you just don’t want to get involved in this because this means a little bit more work. Means a little bit less time doing whatever you want and more time spending it with the game, understanding it from different perspectives."

- Jeff Marek of Sportsnet from August 13th of the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast


Tuukka Rask stopped cannon fire this summer. Pony Rask is having a harder time with it but he’s trying his hardest. 



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you are way too good at that Tyler.

tyler seguin at day one of biosteel camp (◕‿◕)