So the job that I want sent me an email saying this

"Hi Courtney – Your references and CRC are complete. We are just looking for fit. "

Does that sound to anyone else like I got it and they’re just looking for a place for me to go? Or am I just being way to optimistic?

Okay does anyone know anything about planting trees? My niece got a red spruce seedling thing and wants to plant it. Do we grow it in a pot for a whole and them transplant it or straight outside?



I refuse to believe this is happening again


Worth a shot.


Worth a shot.

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"Hockey is a constant; it evolves but it never really changes. Hockey doesn’t get mad at you, it encourages you. Hockey demands as much or as little of your attention as you want to give it."

- #HockeyHasHelpedMe(x)


abickellFirst time watching daddy on ice. #biggestfan ❤️ @bbickell